Monday, 18 April 2011

WEEK 2 .....


Im doing exactly the same today as i did day 1 but im so much more in controll and im not feeling hungry at all,

Ive been doing sit-ups just 20 i get a bad back but 20 morning and 20 evening im going to try and add in some walking this week so hopully that will push a few more lbs off.

My aim was 10stone but now i am nearing the weight i think i might aim more for 9.7 but we shall see how far i get this time next week i hope to have lost 3-4 more lbs,



The diet was hard for the 1st 2 days and then it got really easy, i was never hungry and didnt find it hard to resist all the lovely food i usually struggle to resist.

For the last 2days i didnt loose and i stayed the same so i wasnt sure if i was going to stick at it but today after a full week another 1lb came off so i decided i will keep at it, its going to be day by day id love to say i will do another week but im going to see how much weight i loose over the next few days and i will take it from there.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Day 5

weighed - 10stone 5lbs total loss 5lbs

sorry i missed yesterday i was really busy.

today i was very happy to see i have lost 5lbs in only 4 days my weight aim is 10stone so its brilliant to be almost there, ive not weighed this low since 1year ago so im very keen to keep at it and get the 5lbs off actually might aim to get 7lbs off just so i can have 2lbs to play with :)

today i had a apple and slice of brown toast.
for lunch huge bowl of cottage cheese with salad and a slice of bread
for dinner chicken and salad
with a grapefruit.

im still having milk and 1 sugar in my tea i know i shouldnt but it really keeps me going i also drink lots of diet coke,

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Day 3

weighed 10stone 7lbs LOSS 3LBS

Woke today not at all hungry felt good lots of energy.
breakfast 1 apple and 1 slice of brown toast 3 cups of tea :-s
lunch 1 grapefruit and full tin of tuna and a can of soda
dinner roast chicken with salad and a tomato

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Day 2

weighed - 10stone 8lbs LOSS - 2lbs

was supprised when i got weighed this morning to of lost 2lbs already lets hope it stays off and i didnt just have a extra loss of water. But i did go to bed really hungry and woke up hungry suppose that has allot to do with it,

Today i started with
 1 apple and 1 slice of brown toast
for lunch i had a fruit salad i was really hungry today but it actually filled me
for dinner 350g steak with 2 tomatos and a 1/4 of cucumber

was very full but really would like some cake or somthing sweet.
had some diet soda feel like i have a head ache not sure if its the diet suppose as the days go on ill find out.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Day 1

Weighed this morning at 10stone 10lbs. I am 5ft 5inch

Started the day with a cup of tea followed by an apple and a slice of brown toast.
Lunch - cold sliced chicken and a tomato also had a large diet soda and a coffee.
Dinner - green salad and can of tuna with a large glass of water.
Supper (before 7pm) piece of fruit and slice of brown bread.

I will get weighed each morning and report any weight loss. 
Im hoping to be 10stone 5lbs by next monday.(7 days)

ok so its 8.30 and im soooo hungry this really isnt a good start, you not allowed to eat after 7pm so i ate me supper at 630 and i wasnt hungry then arghhh well i will update again in the morning,